You have navigated your phone/browser to the home of The Clip Show!  Hosted by Jim Kirks and written and directed by the brilliant Charlie Baker, The Clip Show is an archive of the start of video podcasting.


The Clip Show ran for three years ending in 2009.  During the original run, the show was hosted by a number of different video hosting sites.  The primary host, blip.tv went belly up a few years ago, and since that time most of The Clip Show content has been off the Internet. Until now.


Unfortunately, the original site, comments, and structure are now gone.  However, I had complete backups of most everything, except for the comment sections :(  I have restored all the seasons for your viewing pleasure.


The show now resides on the Vimeo service.  You can view all episodes through the links provided here on the site.  Miss us? Want to say HI?  DM me on twitter @clipshow


Thanks for watching